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8 Coffee Ceremony Facts You Need To Know

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Coffee is a daily consumable product that individuals throughout the globe take pleasure in consuming each and every day. However, are you aware that coffee originated in Ethiopia? Here in Ethiopia you will discover that coffee is simply not just another cup of joe that you drink to kickstart your morning or use to while pulling an all-nighter to keep you awake. Coffee is an integral part in the lives of Ethiopians throughout Africa, it's part of our culture, it is used as a sign to show our friendship for others, as a celebration, and to bring people together in living rooms and coffee shops around our country. As a matter of fact, coffee is so important to Ethiopia that we have football team that pays homage to coffee and is named "Ethiopian Coffee". One of the most fascinating events that happens each day in our country is our tradition called "jebena buna" or simply Coffee Ceremony. Coffee ceremony is a ritual that is meant to be shared with family, friends and visiting guests that displays our cultural hospitality and is an important part of celebrating special events in our lives. 

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