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7 days Omo valey  tours

Day 1


Welcome to Addis Ababa. Upon arrival in Addis, you will be met with your Driver/Guide and Teddy zion Tours’ representative. Then depart from Addis for Dorze via Butajira.  On the way you will visit the archeological sites of Tiya (ancient stelae field and UNESCO World Heritage Site), Adadi Maryam (a rock-hewn church similar to those in Lalibela) and MelkaKunture (pre-historic tool-making site).  Final destination for the day is Arbaminch. Overnight Hotel/Lodge.


Day 2

Arbaminch - TURMI

in this day you will  take a boat trip on Lake Chamo to visit the “Crocodile market” and the Hippos.  Afterwards, drive to Turmi via Erbore.  Overnight Hotel/Lodge..


Day 3


In the morning, take a day trip to Omorate to visit the Dassenech/Gelleb/ tribe.  Here you will cross the Omo River by local boat and enter a local Dassenech village.  Afterwards, return to Turmi. If there is Bull jumping – a traditional Hamer coming-of-age ceremony - that will be visited.  In the evening you can see the traditional night dancing of the Hamer tribe, known as evangadi.  Overnight in Lodge.


Day 4

turmi - jinka

Morning After breakfast drive to Jinka, via Dimeka and Key Afar.  Tuesdays and Saturdays are market days in Dimeka, which are among of the most colorful markets in the area.  In this market you can find tribes such as Tsemai, Benna, Hamer, Karo and Ari.  Afterwards, continue to Jinka. Overnight Hotel/Lodge.


Day 5


In the morning, drive to Mago national park to visit the Mursi tribe.  The Mursi are known for their lower lip and earlobe plates.  In the afternoon, after returning to Jinka, you can visit the South Omo Museum & Research Center to learn more about the local tribes.  Alternatively, take a hike in the surrounding hills and visit a local Ari village. Overnight Hotel/Lodge.


Day 6

KONSO arba minch

Morning After breakfast drives to Konoso to visit Konso village. The Konso people are known for their wooden statues, known as wakas, which are erected in honor of dead heroes as well as their innovative agricultural terracing.  Today you will have the opportunity to visit a local village and the cultural museum displaying many waka statues.  Time permitting; you can also visit the “natural New York Village”, named after the tall sand formations resembling skyscrapers. 5:00AM drive to Dorzevillage The Dorze people are known for their tall beehive-like houses and their fine cotton weaving.  You will visit the village and learn about the daily lives of these industrious people.  Afterwards night arba minch   Hotel/Lodge.


Day 7

arbaminch  - ADDIS

After breakfast, depart north to Addis Ababa.  On the way, you may visit the Abiatta-Shala National Park.  Lake Shala, with its deep blue waters is the deepest lake in Ethiopia at 236m.  Lake Abiatta is a soda lake at which thousands of flamingos can be seen at various times of the year.

then transfer to the airport

End of tour 

*** This itinerary is flexible, and will likely change in order to coordinate visits with market days in the south, which is a great opportunity to mingle with the people, many of whom travel long distances on foot to attend.

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