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Teddy Zion Tours and Travels founded in 2009 based in Ethiopia / Addis Ababa / Mekelle   

As a connoisseur in the fields of tours and travels we offer tailor made packages that suit the needs of our clients.

Our principle is to deliver exceptional professional service and nurture the relationships we build in the process. The customer services team understands that differing situations, needs and aspirations demand tailored services and they continuously strive to provide excellent client services.

We invest time in understanding your need and make all earnest efforts in making your journey a memorable experience.

As we are growing, we are crafting our team as consultants in specialized private tours, Group tours  such as Adventure &  Exploratory Tourism, Cultural, historical & Heritage Tourism.


We have a luxury years of experience guiding and tour organizing for international and domestic travelers. NGOs, film makers , photographers, Teddy Zion Tours has a unique service to provide for its customers and to the carriers that have thrilled it. Our company has a professional staffs engaging guiding services & tour operating having extensive knowledge of the country and all Guides working for Teddy Zion Tours do speak excellent English language we can arrange guides who speaks international multi-language if the request comes!




Our drivers speaks very good English also have  many years of experience in driving throughout the country. We have also great escort chief who prepare yummy western and traditional meals while you are in the trekking routes. Therefore our expertise allows travelers to customize their trip that suits them, ensuring a pleasant tour with superb value.




Our values are simple and are focused on the client experience and the impact and contribution to Ethiopian society and development.We appreciate that every opportunity to travel and experience new cultures is a privilege that must be cherished. We are committed to ensuring unforgettable experiences and professional service. We believe that tourism should benefit the local communities of a destination. To that effect, we support community-based tourism projects and organizations that focus on societal development.

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About Teddy Zion 

If you ever get the chance to meet Teddy he will immediately become one of those people that you would consider a friend for life. Teddy's knowledge of Axum's history, it's people and their culture make his tour packages the most informative. Not only will you be educated but will have fun every step of the way. Teddy goes out of his way for his clients, from the smallest of requests to difficult tasks Teddy finds a way to please his clients in order so that they can have a wonderful Axum experience. I would encourage you to speak with Teddy about your desire to visit Axum and surrounding Ethiopia locations. Teddy will go out of his way to ensure you have the best information to make the right decision. 

Felix Gonzalez 

Orlando, Florida U.S.A


Having traveled to Ethiopia on several occasions over the last 5 years as well as having lived in Axum for almost 2 years, we have come to know Teddy very well. He is a good friend and has been an invaluable asset in navigating the land, language and culture of Northern Ethiopia. With each trip and project we have been involved with, he has made himself available as a guide and translator and has always gone beyond just providing a basic service to getting directly involved with helping his fellow Ethiopians through our work at St. Mary's Hospital, the ORE child care center and in the surrounding community. We have found him to be sincere, honest and trustworthy. He shows a real desire to take care of the needs of our group on every level. Upon our arrival, Teddy is one of the first people we always look forward to seeing and I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a reliable person to guide them through the many adventures that await the traveler to Ethiopia.

Jack Forsyth

Winter Garden, Florida U.S.A

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Ethiopia main office mekelle 








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